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Podcast appearance – The Blossom Experiment

I am so delighted to share my first podcast interview with you. It’s been an intention of mine, for a while, to appear as a podcast guest and this deep, beautiful conversation with my friend Cami was the perfect introduction to that world.

We cover a lot of ground in this chat. When I listen back, what I hear is a comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of the journey I went on to uncover, and begin using, my psychic gifts. For me, that means deeply exploring the boundlessness of my own intuition. So I also provide lots of practical tips and suggested practices, that anyone can use to cultivate trust in their own intuition and step into their own gifts, whatever they may be.

We also talk about quantum healing, multidimensional empathy and how I landed my first marketing role despite being unqualified. So then we talk about imposter syndrome. 

Check it out:

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