Creativity Coaching
One-to-one support, for life, business or both

You are infinitely capable and creative. I’ll help you trust that down to your boots!

Honestly. Give me an hour. You’ll find that all the answers and inspiration you could ever need are inside you! And you’ll learn the tools you need to get at them.

What is creativity coaching?

Don’t worry, it’s not like sports coaching. I won’t push you to do more, more more. I’ll listen, empathise, reflect your potential back to you, and support you to do the same for yourself.

Are you on the cusp of a big change? Do you want to complete a creative project, launch a business, grow your brand or simply feel more inspired to engage enthusiastically with life?

I’ll give you the tools to tap into your innate creativity and experience flow. You can access a flow-state anytime. When you do, wisdom and answers you didn’t even know you had will come bubbling to the surface with ease. Whatever you’re grappling with, you’ll flow towards a place of clarity. And I’ll be there to support you.

We’ll go at your pace. You’ll leave feeling heard, and empowered to move forward with confidence.

My tried-and-tested process has helped hundreds of people go from blocked and frustrated, to grounded and inspired. 

Book a free intro call to find out whether creativity coaching is for you.

What do I know?

I worked in marketing and communications for 20 years. In that time, I built and sold two brands, and supported countless clients to share what they do with the world.

I’m a published writer, a magazine editor and creator of the Soul Scripting Therapeutic Writing Process. That scientifically-informed process creates the structure for these creativity coaching sessions (that doesn’t mean your session will involve journaling – the process works even without putting pen to paper).

I also have a lifelong interest and practice in mindfulness, spirituality and psychology, as well as qualifications in mentoring and counselling. 

Sales and marketing don’t have to be dirty words; you can do both with integrity and ease. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I’ll show you how, if you want me to!

Problem solving is my superpower. Hit me with your sticking points and concerns; I’ll give you a fresh take and we’ll workshop solutions together. You’ll leave feeling hopeful and excited, with a clear way forward. 

I can also help with the practical stuff like strategy, copywriting and design. That might involve me doing some of those things for you, supporting you to do them yourself or referring on to other professionals. 

'Thoroughly enjoyable. Feel like I made progress in my personal journey in just a few hours. It was good to have structure, and also the freedom to write. Really well set up process.'
'Gill is a great teacher. Very down to earth, pragmatic and fun. A multilayered subject discussed and explained. I feel much clearer leaving here with new tools in my toolbox.'