Therapeutic Writing
Journaling for wellbeing, inspiration and self-empowerment

What is therapeutic writing?

It’s the practice of journaling, usually by hand, to support yourself mentally, emotionally and creatively.

I created the Soul Scripting Therapeutic Writing Process almost a decade ago, after a lifetime of using writing as my own personal therapy! Since then, I’ve shared it with hundreds of people, all over the world.

It weaves together lots of simple writing exercises that anyone can do – and it’s evolving all the time, as I test new ideas on myself! You don’t have to be good at spelling. Your grasp of grammar doesn’t matter. 

Soul Scripting is a private, personal, liberating form of self-expression

It has some powerful benefits.

  • Feel more present and mindful, without sitting in meditation
  • Transform your inner voice from a critic to a friend
  • Find an outlet for parts of yourself that you usually hide
  • Safely explore bold ideas
  • Get in touch with the most creative, wise and visionary parts of yourself any time you like – believe me, they’re even more impressive and capable than you can imagine 

We all need spaces where we can be our whole selves, without fear of judgement

You can use the Soul Scripting Process to create your own safe place, on the page.

  • Experience positive psychology in action
  • Find clarity
  • Live with intention
  • Improve your ability to communicate and feel heard (because this practice ripples out to support you in other parts of life!)
  • Drop into the powerful state of creative flow whenever you choose!

Ready to give it a go?

Where to practice therapeutic writing

Soul Scripting Online Course

Practice Soul Scripting — the therapeutic writing process by Gillian Torres — on demand. The course is made up of four workshops that lead you on a journey of self-discovery. Learn the science behind the magic and benefit from video lessons, guided meditations and links to additional resources.

Workshops and Talks

Join a live session (I run a free online taster every month), arrange a workshop for your organisation, or book me to speak at your event. Choose one of my existing therapeutic writing workshops - for adults or teens - or ask me to design something new, tailored to your interests and goals.

'Gillian held a contained and beautiful space of enquiry and exploration. I have left it a few days to comment purposefully and can honestly say I have had a more mindful week with lighter thoughts, less self criticism and greater insight. I would recommend this class to everyone and rate Gillian herself highly as a facilitator.'
Charity worker
'I’ve attended 4 or 5 of the Soul Scripting workshops with Gillian over the last year and each one has been transformation to my growth. Gillian holds the space in each workshop amazingly. Each element is handled with great delicacy taking you from one stage to the next. This woman knows her stuff. Highly recommend for writers and non writers.'
'The workshop has given me tools to use to stay grounded and in a very natural flow, whilst exploring a powerful shift in perspective and emotion. Thanks for facilitating my journey, and creating such a safe space in which to explore 'me'.'
Support worker