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'I had been experiencing some blockages when it came to my own personal writing practice and I needed to try new creative ways in. Having worked as a screenwriter continuously on a long running TV show for many years, I never expected it to impact so positively on that work too. I found the questions asked and the scenarios imagined really helped dissolve some of the blocks I had been experiencing and helped me to reimagine stories in totally different ways. The myriad of story potential this threw up was really quite amazing, liberating and intriguing. I also really enjoyed Gillian’s invitation and the ways in which she very gently led us to discover new creative outlets for ourselves, never dictating the way a story may or may not go, just pointing us to new ways of seeing. I was also able to ask the same questions of my fictional characters, taking them on a journey of their own self discovery. This opened up deeper dimensions to them and I felt I came to know them better, even ones I had been working with for many years! It was thoroughly enlightening on so many levels and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to writers, new and old.'
Carrie Mitchell

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