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I am Gillian Torres, Soul Scripting creator, writer and advocate for engaging creatively with life.

I believe in your creative potential and I am here to inspire you to find your flow.

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I also provide creative consultancy to ethical organisations. For details about my client work and current availability, visit my LinkedIn profile.

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'There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.'
Tara Brach
The Girl Who Could See Stories Children's Book

The Girl Who Could See Stories, by Gillian Torres and Ilan Sheady, is a picture book parable about the power of plants. 

Sofiel has a special gift. She can see the entire life story of every person, object or animal she looks at. This is what happened when she decided to feed her tummy with happy stories and began to glow with health as a result.