Therapeutic Writing
Tools for wellbeing, inspiration and personal empowerment

We all need spaces where we can be our whole selves, without fear of judgement. Create your safe place to play, on the page. Discover freedom of expression anytime, anywhere.

Therapeutic writing is an opportunity for personal reflection and a source of infinite inspiration.

These simple writing exercises can help you support your emotional wellbeing, and experience the full power of your own potential.

You don’t have to share what you write with anyone, so unburden yourself. Set yourself free to unblock your authentic voice and explore bold ideas on the privacy of the page.

Practice therapeutic writing to experience positive psychology in action, and drop into the powerful state of creative flow whenever you choose!

Ways to access therapeutic writing

Online Course

Practice Soul Scripting — the therapeutic writing process by Gillian Torres — on demand. The course is made up of four workshops that lead you on a journey of self-discovery. Learn the science behind the magic and benefit from video lessons, guided meditations and links to additional resources.

Workshops and Talks

Join a live session, arrange a workshop for your organisation, or book me to speak at your event. Choose one of my existing therapeutic writing workshops - for adults or teens - or ask me to design something new, tailored to your needs and interests.