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Choose from the sessions below, or ask me to create something new. I love designing bespoke workshops and talks to suit workplaces and educational settings, retreats, writing rooms and more.

Therapeutic writing is a way to turn the humble notebook and pen into powerful tools for self-care, resilience and inspiration.

In this workshop you’ll try techniques that allow you to use writing as an emotional outlet, a mindfulness practice and a way to look at things from new perspectives. You’ll experience positive psychology in action and leave feeling inspired.
You won’t be asked to share anything you write. You don’t even need to read it back yourself, if you don’t want to, so you can feel free to express bold ideas on the page. 

We’ll focus on writing as an experience, rather than as a method of communication. 
The session is led by writer and creativity coach Gillian Torres. Gillian has taught these techniques for years, to seasoned professional writers, nervous beginners and everyone in between.

Writing doesn’t have to be a sedentary practice. We don’t need to transcend our physical bodies to experience creative flow. In this workshop, your body will become your source of inspiration. 

We’ll sit in active postures, move gently and use prompts that invite the body to release its stress and use its voice.

Inspired by the work of Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement) and Tony Riddle (The Natural Lifestylist) writer Gillian Torres designed this workshop to explore what happens to our creative voice when we turn towards the vehicle of our self-expression.
Therapeutic writing is the practice of writing for self-care and self-exploration. Embodied therapeutic writing is a workshop that invites you to care for, explore and articulate the words of your body.
An introduction to therapeutic writing, designed for young people, aged 12-16. Creative journaling invites teens to write for fun, and to help them make sense of the world around them, without the pressure to get things right.
We are rarely, if ever, invited to write for the pleasure of writing. For many teens, this might be the first time they pick up a pen without the results being marked by a teacher. It can be a liberating experience.

Hyper-focused high achievers and nervous writers alike, can benefit from the boundless creative possibilities that come when you cut loose of the craft.

Available as group and one-to-one sessions.

Even the most creative group can get bogged down by the constraints of a project, freeze in the face of a looming deadline or loose their spark. I get it, I’ve been there and I can get them though it – fast!

My job is to help your people find their mojo, fall back in love with creativity and learn some tools they can use to inspire themselves, if they ever feel it slipping away again. Book a call, let’s plan something.

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'Gill, you are a revelation! The workshop last night can seriously sit alongside some of the best I've been to around the world.'
Steve Gibson
Director, Bear Ram Elk
'Thought provoking, interactive & inspiring workshop from Gillian! Could not rate the experience any higher as it has ignited my love for writing from the soul! Hugely, hugely, hugely recommended!'
'I can honestly say I have had a more mindful week with lighter thoughts, less self criticism and greater insight. I would recommend this class to everyone and rate Gillian herself highly as a facilitator. Thanks Gillian, you were grounded and wholly approachable, made the stream of consciousness process fun and enjoyable, which made the evening flow. Thank you.'
Facebook review
'Amazing and unique session to really get into the flow of writing and connecting to yourself at a deeper level. I did the workshop months ago and still using the techniques each day!'