Soul Therapy

Psychic therapy that reconnects you to yourself

Illuminating one-to-one sessions that plug you into your own wisdom, providing clarity and connection.

Soul Scripting

A meditative writing journey of self-discovery

Writing exercises that connect you to your deepest desires, authentic voice, creative solutions and highest potential.

Integration Sessions

One-to-one support as you step into your potential

Work with me to integrate new insights, perspectives and practices.

Creative Journaling

Writing without rules, for teens

'Soul Scripting lite'. Opportunity for young teens to activate their imagination and liberate their creativity.

The Girl Who Could See Stories

A magical picture book that inspires children to love themselves and the planet. A tool that introduces the concept of empathy and helps you explain your veggie/vegan lifestyle in a way that young children understand.


Set yourself free from limitations and begin walking the path to creative liberation, with this free mini-workshop.