One-to-one sessions with me reconnect you to your inner guidance system, so that you are able to:

  • find solutions to previously insurmountable problems
  • navigate blocks
  • confidently take steps toward beginning, and completing, daunting projects
  • learn powerful tools that you can turn to anytime you want to reconnect
I work intuitively, to facilitate your journey in line with your intentions. 
'It touched me to my depths and highlighted the areas I need to pay attention to. I felt elated after it and peaceful. I would highly recommend this wonderful session. Thank you so very much Gillian.'
Testimonial - Joanne Edge

Soul Therapy

For most people, the perfect way to begin working with me is to book a Soul Therapy session. In these sessions, you relax and I use my psychic and energetic gifts to communicate directly with your subconscious, then we discuss the experience. It sounds 'out there' but it's a great way for you to experience the power of your own inner wisdom in action. Click the title to find out more about Soul Therapy.

Soul Scripting

Most people begin journeying through the Soul Scripting process from session two, after connecting to and clarifying an area of focus using Soul Therapy. However, if you'd like to, you can begin with Soul Scripting. There are four stages to the process and they invite you to enter and tend to the garden of your life. Click the title to learn about the four stages of Soul Scripting.

All sessions take place remotely and last for one hour. The price per session is £60
(or £50 if you are already enrolled in the Soul Scripting online course).

My recommendation is that you book a Soul Therapy session, followed by at least one Soul Scripting session.

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'A gentle, beautiful and thought provoking exploration of the psyche, inspiring lots of ideas and a massive boost to creativity.'
Testimonial - Carrie