Soul Therapy
Psychic therapy that reconnects you to yourself

Illuminating sessions that plug you into your inner wisdom, to help you find clarity and connection.

For the first half hour, you rest at home while I use my psychic gifts to communicate with your subconscious.  This can be deeply a relaxing, restorative experience.

Then we talk by phone to discuss the insights I received and anything they bring to the surface for you. I’ll also offer practices you can use, post-session, to help you integrate the experience and stay connected to your intuition.

Soul Therapy works like a traditional therapy session – I ask you what you’d like to share and you tell me – except that the exchange is energetic rather than verbal. We bypass the busy brain to receive the guidance of the soul.

  • Soul Therapy session (80-90 minutes) £60
  • Two session package:
    Soul Therapy & follow-up integration session

To book, email or complete this form to claim your free 20 minute consultation.


'I was unsure what to expect from a soul therapy session with Gillian especially with it being long distance and over the phone. Yet I was blown away by her ability to tune in and see what I was struggling to find clarity over. She gave me a view inside and a perspective I needed to see. All the while acknowledging what was true for me and supporting me to trust this over and above everything. I came to Gillian struggling with intense traumatic dreams. I knew they were trying to show me something but I was unable to tap into precisely what. Her ability to tune into me, to see what I couldn’t make sense of, and then share with me what she saw, shone light on parts of my psyche that were asking to be seen and healed. I was then able to take this knowledge, feel into for myself, and choose how to respond. I would greatly recommend working with Gillian. She has a wonderful grounded, intuitive approach to her work that I have a lot of respect for.'
Rachel Burgess
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'It touched me to my depths and highlighted the areas I need to pay attention to. I felt elated after it and peaceful. I would highly recommend this wonderful session. Thank you so very much Gillian.'
Joanne Edge
'I felt extremely different following the session to how I had felt prior; it was as if she reconnected me to my soul and to the universe. The following morning I woke up feeling amazing and bounced out of bed excited about the day with zero effort and no need for coffee for the first time in years. I suddenly felt so aligned and had such a strong sense of faith in the universe with a heightened awareness of the divinity, synchronicity and meaning in all of my experiences. It was honestly one of the best healings that I have ever had and has helped me massively already. I would recommend Soul Therapy to absolutely everyone!'
Chelsea Battye
'I have had lots of therapy/healing sessions before, but none quite like this. Coming out of an intense few months of parenting and work, I felt ready to reengage with my spiritual practices of meditation and qigong. What I felt I needed was a kind of "energy MOT", some cleaning up if you will. After a consultation over the phone, Gill was able to tune in to what I was after. The session itself was surprising in that I felt energy shift and move as she worked remotely. Images, memories and emotions came up to be witnessed. Gill helped me to feel safe and held at all times. Speaking to her on the phone after the session was affirming and fascinating. I felt more clear and steady after the session, and continue to practice the meditation she suggested. A beautiful, supportive experience.
Chris Mike Moore
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