Select Magazine

Local property and lifestyle print publication with a monthly circulation of 20,000

The first time I was hired to help establish and edit a print publication, was on this project. It was quite the learning curve.

A couple of young property professionals came to me with an idea and interest from some initial advertisers. I took it from there.

A team entirely new to publishing, we amassed a considerable group of contributors and even staged our own fashion shoots.

  • Publication planning
  • Establishing brand voice and regular features
  • Feature writing and copywriting
  • Assembling and managing a team of freelance contributors
  • Smattering of ad sales
  • Bit of everything else
  • Some panicking and a few late nights

Read Select Magazine feature examples (open as PDFs in new tab):

Everyman Theatre Redevelopment

Avoid the Pitfalls of the Property Development Process