Soul Scripting FAQs

Soul Scripting FAQs

Is Soul Scripting for professional writers or complete beginners?

The short answer is ‘yes’!

Pretty much anyone can practice Soul Scripting. Everyone will interpret it in their own way and get something different from it.

Here are a couple of case studies to illustrate that point:

  1. I once had a lady tell me that she threw up moments before entering her first Soul Scripting workshop, because she was so nervous at the prospect of writing. She’d been shamed in school for poor spelling and grammar and felt terrified to write ever since. It had been decades since she’d written more than a shopping list. She suspected that she was profoundly dyslexic but had never taken a test, as the diagnosis didn’t exist when she was at school. An hour later she was crying tears of joy and relief as she filled pages and pages in her new notebook. She experienced a huge emotional release and returned to many more workshops.


  2. Equally, I’ve worked with lots of professional writers too. One seasoned screenwriter had worked on the same long-running serial drama for years and told me how she now takes every character around the Soul Scripting process regularly, to get to know them, and their authentic voices, more deeply.

I used to say ‘anyone who can hold a pen’ can practice Soul Scripting but, honestly, even if you can’t hold a pen you can record voicenotes, or treat every exercise as a meditation.

How long does it take to work through the Soul Scripting course?

I suggest that you work your way through in five sittings. First, read and watch everything in the intro section, then do the exercise you’ll find at the end. That will take maybe 30-40 minutes, including the exercises.

After that, work through the four stages, leaving yourself around 90-120  minutes per stage. Ideally, don’t do more than one stage per day and leave yourself a few days in between each, to reflect and integrate.

That said, there is a lot of ‘juice’ in every exercise and the beauty of having access to the course for 12 months is that if you find yourself wanting to spend an entire evening, or an entire week, on one exercise, you can!

Go with your own flow.

Is Soul Scripting suitable for children?

I feel most comfortable recommending Soul Scripting to adults and young people aged 16+. Certainly, when creating the online course, I had adults in mind. When writing in this way we can tap into the subconscious and unearth long-forgotten memories, so it’s a good idea for young people – and really anyone who needs it – to have support available, in the form of a trusted adult they feel comfortable talking to. 

I work with younger teens as well and have developed a series of workshops (with slightly different exercises) aimed specifically at 13-16-year-olds; that’s called Creative Journaling and you’ll find details on my workshops page. I can also run creative journaling sessions one-to-one online.

What do I need in order to practice Soul Scripting?

All you really need is some paper, a pen and a digital device on which to work through the course/stream the workshop/access Zoom for our one-to-one.

Also make sure you have both a journal and some scrap paper to hand. Plus, if you buy the online course, it’s ideal to listen to the meditations via headphones because they include binaural beats to help you access a brainwave state conducive to creativity.

How much does it cost to try Soul Scripting?

There are options.

  1. Try it for free. There are a number of Soul Scripting exercises published on my blog
  2. Buy the Soul Scripting Online Course, which includes four workshops, plus all of the theory and science behind the practice, for just £36 (12 months unlimited access)
  3. Join a workshop, or arrange one of your own
  4. Work with me one-to-one

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