Writing Services

You can book me to write the copy for your website, draft a press release, or write any other words your business needs. Ideally though, I like to take a more strategic approach.

Communicate With Confidence

I love working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and personal brands to produce a master document containing all the copy needed, for every platform. 

I want to know your personal ambitions, as well as your business goals. 

What do you enjoy about your work and want more of?
What’s unique about your offer?
Who needs it and what problem do you solve for them?

By answering questions like these, you’ll help me produce copy that reads like it materialised from the inside of your head; words that feel like your own, but better, and do exactly what you want them to do. You’ll also allow me to produce a brand values and strategy report, to make the production of all future content – like social posts, blogs and newsletters – easier and more effective.

Book A Free Call

There are several ways to work with me, including my content strategy packages and group training sessions.

I’m also available for creative consultancy sessions, stand-alone copywriting jobs and ongoing retainers.

Email info@gilliantorres.com with your availability, to book a free 15 minute consultation call.
'I have known Gill for just over 18 months and during that time she has provided an excellent freelance service to the agency. Gill’s writing skills are excellent and she has proved herself to be versatile and able to adapt her skills for a wide range of clients. Gill has a great work ethic and, most importantly, fits in with the team really well. When she comes back in it’s always as if she’s never been away! We all like having her around.'
Diana Stephenson
Director, Calvin Marketing