Work With Me
One-to-one support, for life, business or both

Are you feeling blocked, or stuck in a rut?

Maye there’s so much you want to share with the world but you don’t know where to start, or you HAVE started but you’re not feeling received and understood.

Book an hour with me to talk it out. Get a fresh perspective, as well as practical tools to help you move forward. You’ll leave feeling heard, inspired and empowered!

I specialise in working with creatives, freelancers and owner-managers. For people like us, the lines between work and life can blur, so I often support my clients with the personal and the professional.

I’m here to listen, empathise and reflect your potential back to you. You are infinitely capable. I’ll help you see it, feel it and realise it.

If your focus is your brand, I can draw on my 20 year career as a communications professional and entrepreneur to provide business consultancy.


First, scroll down the page to book a free call. After that, if you’d like to work with me, it’s…

£75 for an initial 90 minute session
Then £60 per hour, or £200 for a block of four 60 minute sessions.

About me and the sessions I offer

I’ve worked in marketing and communications for 20 years. In that time, I’ve built and sold two brands, and supported countless clients to share what they do with the world.

I’m a published writer, a magazine editor and creator of the Soul Scripting Therapeutic Writing Process. I also have a lifelong interest and practice in many areas of mindfulness and spirituality, as well as qualifications in mentoring and counselling. 

Sales and marketing don’t have to be dirty words; you can do both with integrity and ease. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I’ll show you how!

Problem solving is my superpower. Hit me with your sticking points and concerns; I’ll give you a fresh take and we’ll workshop solutions together. You’ll leave feeling hopeful and excited, with a clear way forward. 

You can book as many sessions as you need to reach your goals. And I can help with the practical stuff like strategy, copywriting and design. That might involve me doing some of those things for you, teaching you how to do them yourself or referring on to other professionals. 

These sessions can involve coaching – where we have a clear intention in mind and you move towards that – or be more reflective and therapeutic (I am not a qualified therapist). We’ll discuss the approach in your introductory call. Above all, I’m here to listen, and go at your pace.

In most self-expression sessions, I support you to get clear about what you want; that might mean setting a goal (eg. I want to finish writing my book) or understanding what you’d like more of from life (eg. connection, security, fun…). Then I’ll support you to:

  • clear the blocks standing in your way
  • grow in confidence
  • feel capable and take steps forward

We’ll ALWAYS take a mindful, nourishing, compassionate route. My aim is for you to leave each session feeling heard, inspired and empowered.

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