Voices of Power therapeutic writing workshop

1 – 3pm, Saturday 3 February 2024
Online (a replay will be available)

A therapeutic writing workshop, hosted by Gillian Torres. 

100% of the profits from this session will be donated to charities supporting Palestine.

What voices are in your head? 

Where and how are you expressing what you’ve been conditioned to believe by culture, society, and authority? 

When you begin to unpick that conditioning and create space hear yourself, what do you want to say then? 

In this workshop, use therapeutic writing to begin dismantling the outdated inner structures that are holding you back, and freeing the power of your own voice.

Find out more about my approach to therapeutic writing.


To avoid booking fees, and raise as much as possible for charity, I’m not using a booking platform for this workshop. To register, pay £15 (or whatever you can afford) via PayPal, using the link below.


  • Select ‘send money to friends and family’ (otherwise PayPal will deduct a fee from your donation) 
  • You will be automatically registered using your PayPal email address. The Zoom link and event information will be sent to that address. If you would like to use a different email, include it as a note when you pay, or contact info@gilliantorres.com
  • If you pay for more than one person, include their names and email addresses as a note when booking

Register your place by paying £15 via https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/gilliantorres 
If the suggested donation is out of your reach right now, or if you would like to make a larger donation, please alter the amount. And if you don’t have PayPal, email info@gilliantorres.com.

Where will the money be donated?

I’m planning to donate any money raised from this workshop to Anera, a charity with no political or religious affiliation, that has been working on the ground in Palestine since 1968. 

If you know of other charities that you believe should receive some or all of the funds raised, please let me know.

'A fantastic experience which has given me both the confidence to write again alongside some personal insights, which will help me to move forward.'
'It was so beneficial for my personal development! The writing exercises and Gill's guidance brought me so many insights, showed to me inner places I didn't know before. I highly recommend Soul Scripting, gentle and deep writing practise!'
Facebook review
'The workshop was very useful as it reawoke my love of writing just for writing's sake - not for anyone else. I felt by the end of it I had embarked on a personal journey to discover my inner self through the exercises we did. Very uplifting and empowering. Thanks. Fantastic teacher.'
Medical secretary
'Amazing and unique session to really get into the flow of writing and connecting to yourself at a deeper level. I did the workshop months ago and still using the techniques each day.'
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