The Ritual

When I work with people on a one-to-one basis we begin with a two hour session called The Ritual.

My gifts lie in inspiring people to look at things differently and reconnect to their inner guidance systems, so that they effortlessly find solutions to previously insurmountable problems, navigate blocks or confidently take steps toward beginning, and completing, daunting projects. 

Every Ritual is unique. Wherever you are right now, I’ll help you find your flow.

'It touched me to my depths and highlighted the areas I need to pay attention to. I felt elated after it and peaceful. I would highly recommend this wonderful session. Thank you so very much Gillian.'
Testimonial - Joanne Edge

For some, The Ritual will involve lots of written Soul Scripting exercises, for others more conversation and mindfulness practice. Most involve a combination of all three.

I work intuitively. I ask you to share a little about yourself and your intentions for our work together, in advance of the session. Based on that information, I’ll get a feel for what the structure of your Ritual will look like. I’ll facilitate your journey, in line with your intentions, but during our time together we’ll be co-creating – going with the flow of what arises and feels alive.

Afterwards, I’ll email you a report with some suggested home practices to support you on your path. And I’ll provide email support for a month, in case questions come up as you practice your own rituals at home.

The Ritual


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'I felt extremely different following the session to how I had felt prior; it was as if she reconnected me to my soul and to the universe. The following morning I woke up feeling amazing and bounced out of bed excited about the day with zero effort and no need for coffee for the first time in years. I suddenly felt so aligned and had such a strong sense of faith in the universe with a heightened awareness of the divinity, synchronicity and meaning in all of my experiences.'
Testimonial - Chelsea Battye