Seedling Sefton Park by Gillian Torres

The promise of the new feminine

This piece of channelled writing came through me in 2015. Its profound message about the evolving roles of masculinity and femininity feel just as relevant today as they were then.

My role is to enable and embody the new feminine.

The feminine is the channel between the divine and the physical. It is creation. The feminine is to flow and to connect, bringing about change.

Through me, all things pass into being. I am the midwife, the mouthpiece and the mother.

The masculine is the potential of what is. He is the seed and the origin.

I cannot create from nothingness. He cannot be realised without creation.

Once they flow through me – these words, these children, these creatures of the earth and all the elements that make up the planet itself – they become at once ours, us and other. Masculine, feminine, at one with both and harbouring of their own free will.

Without me and you they do not exist, yet independently they are. When I close my eyes, theirs may remain open but without me, or you, or them there could be nothing. All must be present at infinitum.

Our world is out of balance because for too long we have looked to the strength of potential and vision to shape it. In fact, it is creation that will crack concrete to transform a seed into a tree that reaches toward heaven.

Potential and creation exist in harmony but only when they acknowledge and allow their own unique contributions.

Why do those in female bodies, containing this divine strength in their genetic make-up, support a patriarchal society? Why do we work with it rather than removing that which blocks our flow?

Because we are not the originators. We are the channel. We are capable of birthing all of life from potential but we channel what is, not what could be.

There is no ‘could be’. All must be present at infinitum. Where the cycle is uninterrupted and the channel remains unblocked, all things birth naturally.

The feminine has been reduced – not by a masculine that does not value it but by a masculine that values it over and above its own traits and therefore seeks to claim it.

It is not the feminine that is undervalued in our society – that belief is simply a reflection. It is the masculine that lost its faith long ago. 

The seed of potential believes it cannot blossom without effort and so it strives. Believes it is not enough to trust in its ability to grow and so it builds platforms upon which to climb. Believes that superior strength is embodied by the old oak and so it ignores the wisdom of the sapling, which grows faster and further each day.

It is time to reclaim and empower the masculine

Value must be placed on potential yet realised. On those who create the spaces in which growth can take place. On those who shine their light upon creation, secure in the knowledge that all will unfold.

In our society it takes courage to plant a seed and then quietly await its growth, without judgement or interference, for this is the role on which we place least value. Those holding this space, I commend you.

This is not about the roles of man and woman. Each of us contains both masculine and feminine. However, it is no coincidence that the role of man is traversing turbulent times, as the masculine navigates the birth canal in dark uncertainty.

The new feminine is birthing the new masculine.

Each of us has a role to play

Whatever your gender, nurture your feminine by seeking space to create naturally, without the restriction of expectation.

Allow yourself to gravitate toward people and places that value your process.

Nurture your masculine by affirming that conflict and struggle are never required to bring about change.

Remember that all things must be present at infinitum and so, in fact, that which we wish for is already here.

Honour the strength in that which still has a long way to grow.

The new feminine will grow, nurture and birth our emerging world, for the new masculine will have the courage to allow his structures to crumble around him, making space for the light.

If you simply allow what is to flow through you, it will be realised.