The Girl Who Could See Stories Children's Book

The Girl Who Could See Stories

A picture book parable about the power of plants, by Gillian Torres and Ilan Sheady

This joyful story introduces the concept of empathy to young children. It explains the benefits of ethical, cruelty free consuming, using an easy-to-understand, magical tale that invites readers to feed their tummies with happy stories.

Open YouTube to watch me, author of this happy story, read the book in full (it’s only a couple of minutes long).

Sofiel has a special gift. She can see the entire life story of every person, object or animal she looks at. The Girl Who Could See Stories is the tale of what happened when Sofiel started to look at her food, decided to feed her tummy with happy stories, and began to glow with health as a result.

This project was self-published, with support from several national vegan organisations and a successful crowdfunding campaign. It was also highlighted as a staff pick.

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'Buy this book, you won't regret it!!'
Amazon Reader Review
'I think it's great. Although as a whole it would appeal specifically to vegetarians/vegans, large parts of it could be used in school as part of Literacy/PSE/Science lessons. The lovely idea of seeing stories really appeals to children's imaginations and asking them to 'see the story' of a person/object is exactly the kind of thing done throughout primary school... It's fantastic!'
Teacher, Year 1
'It introduces the topic of ethical living by highlighting the impact of our food choices on animals. It's easy to understand, yet moving. My nephew (5 years old) enjoys it and it has made it easier to talk about an often difficult subject.'
Amazon Reader Review
'The book is a gentle tale about being mindful about what we eat, thinking about the stories behind the food on our plate. Whilst Gill is passionate about being vegan, her writing eloquently portrays her views on food, rather than preaching that a vegan diet is best, which is how I have found some other vegan books for children....I read this book with my 3 year old and we had a long conversation about different diets people have and where the food we eat comes from.'
Little Scribbles Stories
'A cartoon journey through the eyes of a child. Although aimed squarely at the younger demographic, there's a powerful but subliminal message in the story that won't be lost on adults. Fun, Interesting and Beautifully illustrated. A thought provoking, quirky addition to your library. I loved it so much I bought TWO copies!'
Amazon Reader Review