Short video detailing the benefits of the Soul Scripting Online Course, some client reviews and information about what’s included.

Soul Scripting Online Course

Ever wish you had someone on hand 24/7 to reassure you, help you overcome obstacles, answer life’s big questions and provide a steady stream of creative inspiration? Good news. That person is within reach.

To find them, all you need is a notebook, a pen and the Soul Scripting process; the writing practice that reconnects you to your own inner guidance system.

A Reclamation | Writing Without Rules | Set Your Inner Creator Free

Soul Scripting is a writing process and a mindfulness practice, suitable for all levels of ability and experience. It will lead you on a journey of self-exploration, connecting you to the wisdom of your intuition.

If you write already, learn loads of techniques to take your practice to new places. If you don’t, this is the perfect place to begin.

Grab your notebook and join Gillian Torres, creator of Soul Scripting, for a dive into the waters of creative flow!

'A fantastic experience which has given me both the confidence to write again alongside some personal insights, which will help me to move forward.'
'A powerful and illuminating experience. The techniques Gillian has developed are a wonderful path to mindfulness which, I think, would benefit any writer willing to embrace the magic that lies behind the craft.'
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‘A gentle, beautiful and thought provoking exploration of the psyche, inspiring lots of ideas and a massive boost to creativity.’
'Soul Scripting is a beautiful practice that gives some structure to the free writing process. Each stage of the framework takes you a little bit deeper into yourself - it's basically akin to a guided meditation but on paper! Throughout the process Gillian is there as a facilitator, offering gentle encouragement and guidance. For anyone who wants to offload, to resolve inner issues and to know themselves more deeply, then I would highly recommend trying out Gillian's Soul Scripting.'
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The Soul Scripting Online Course

  • One process, informed by science
  • Four workshops, and the theory that underpins them
  • Hours of writing exercises, guided meditations, video tuition and links to additional resources
  • A powerful journey of self-discovery that will take you somewhere new every time

Still got questions? Visit the Soul Scripting FAQs page.

'I really enjoyed my time with Gillian. I feel I am going to learn a lot about myself over the next few months, applying the techniques she has taught me. It's going to change my life!'
Office worker
'Amazing and unique session to really get into the flow of writing and connecting to yourself at a deeper level. I did the workshop months ago and still using the techniques each day.'
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'It was so beneficial for my personal development! The writing exercises and Gill's guidance brought me so many insights, showed to me inner places I didn't know before. I highly recommend Soul Scripting, gentle and deep writing practise!'
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'The workshop was very useful as it reawoke my love of writing just for writing's sake - not for anyone else. I felt by the end of it I had embarked on a personal journey to discover my inner self through the exercises we did. Very uplifting and empowering. Thanks. Fantastic teacher.'
Medical secretary
'There is a healing element to the process no matter which walk of life you're from or what your experiences have been. Greatly recommend.'


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