Gillian Torres Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy

Psychic therapy that's down to earth

During a Soul Therapy session, you lie on your bed and I use my psychic and energetic gifts to tune into you. Sessions are held remotely, so you can be anywhere in the world.

I call it Soul Therapy because it works a little like a therapy session – I ask you what you’d like to share and you tell me – except that the exchange is energetic rather than verbal. You are quietly resting in your home with your eyes closed, while I’m in mine, communicating directly with your subconscious. 

During the second half of the session, we talk on the phone (or Zoom if you are based outside of the UK). I tell you what visions and insights I experienced and we discuss what they mean to you. You’ll probably be surprised by just how much they resonate. 

What I experience can be purely symbolic, like witnessing a dream, but sometimes I receive childhood memories and even past life insights. Everything I receive is information that the deepest part of you has chosen to share with me, so it is all relevant to your life right now. 

A Soul Therapy session is £50.

To book, please call on 07764 487 284, for a free consultation. If you are based outside of the UK you can message instead, using the contact form below.

'I felt extremely different following the session to how I had felt prior; it was as if she reconnected me to my soul and to the universe. The following morning I woke up feeling amazing and bounced out of bed excited about the day with zero effort and no need for coffee for the first time in years. I suddenly felt so aligned and had such a strong sense of faith in the universe with a heightened awareness of the divinity, synchronicity and meaning in all of my experiences.'
Testimonial - Chelsea Battye