The garden of your life soul scripting

Soul Scripting, The Process

Tending to the garden of your life

There are four stages to the Soul Scripting process and they invite you to enter and attend to the ‘garden of your life’.

1. Entering the garden

Learning the foundational practices of Soul Scripting, that allow you to access a powerful state of creative flow, at will.

2. Smelling the roses

Identifying aspects of your life that are ‘in full bloom’ and experiencing the transformational power of gratitude and appreciation.

3. Nurturing the garden

Taking a look at unloved aspects of yourself with compassion and forgiveness, in order to integrate what is blocking you from engaging creatively with any aspect of your life, or a project you are engaged in.

4. Planting seeds 

Creating direct, embodied experiences of life as you wish it to feel, so that you anchor these experiences and can begin attracting more of them.

We cover one stage of the process per one hour session, so it’s ideal to have four sessions (or five, if you begin with Soul Therapy). However, stage one alone is enough for you to learn and practice some powerfully transformational tools.

A one hour Soul Scripting session, held via Zoom, is £60 (or £50 if you have already purchased the Soul Scripting online course).

Save £10 per one-to-one session by signing up to the Soul Scripting online course.

To book, please call me on 07764 487 284, for a free introductory consultation. If you are based outside the UK you can message instead, using the contact form below.

'Could not rate the experience any higher as it has ignited my love for writing from the soul! Hugely, hugely, hugely recommended!’.'
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