Soul Scripting
A meditative writing practice.

Create a direct line of communication between your conscious mind and your intuition using simple writing exercises. 

Writing can be deeply therapeutic; it’s such an accessible and powerful way to process experiences, navigate blocks and find our own answers to life’s biggest questions but where do we begin? 

Soul Scripting provides structure, while also encouraging freedom of expression. The meditative journalling exercises are designed to flow from one to the next, guiding you on an illuminating and transformational journey of self-exploration and discovery. 

Each one can also be used alone, so the online course is a toolbox of techniques you can draw from any time.

This is a private, personal practice, perfect for complete beginners. It’s also a fantastic creative tool for professional writers. 

Soul Scripting Online Course
12 months of unlimited access to the entire process. Four exclusive workshops including hours worth of video tuition, writing exercises and guided visualisations.
Workshops and Events
Join me for the next Soul Scripting workshop, to journey round the process with live guidance and support from other members of the Soul Scripting community.
Creative Journaling for Teens
'Soul Scripting lite'. An invitation for young teens to discover writing without rules, liberate their creativity and experience their own magic.


'I truly feel that this is a revolutionary system that Gillian has created. It stands strong as a method and approach that took me on a healing and insightful journey of connection with myself. Gillian herself is a kind, inspiring presence, and I feel she is destined for great things.'
Facebook review
'I really enjoyed my time with Gill. I feel I am going to learn a lot about myself over the next few months, applying the techniques she has taught me. It's going to change my life!'
‘Thought provoking, interactive & inspiring workshop from Gillian! Could not rate the experience any higher as it has ignited my love for writing from the soul! Hugely, hugely, hugely recommended!’
'Amazing and unique session to really get into the flow of writing and connecting to yourself at a deeper level. I did the workshop months ago and still using the techniques each day.'
Facebook review
‘I can honestly say I have had a more mindful week with lighter thoughts, less self criticism and greater insight. I would recommend this class to everyone and rate Gillian herself highly as a facilitator. Thanks Gillian, you were grounded and wholly approachable, made the stream of consciousness process fun and enjoyable, which made the evening flow. Thank you.’
‘A gentle, beautiful and thought provoking exploration of the psyche, inspiring lots of ideas and a massive boost to creativity.’
'A fantastic experience which has given me both the confidence to write again alongside some personal insights, which will help me to move forward.'


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