Soul Scripting by Gillian Torres

Soul Scripting

A few years ago I realised that the writing and mindfulness practices I had been using as self-therapy for most of my life, could benefit others. In that moment, the title ‘Soul Scripting’ came to me spontaneously. Three weeks later I held my first workshop and took people on a journey of powerful self-discovery. I have been doing this work ever since. 

The Soul Scripting process has developed a lot since then and I have shared it with hundreds of people through workshops and one-to-one sessions. It never fails to drop people into that elusive state of creative flow. 

From there, anything is possible.

Call it inner wisdom, inner voice or intuition – there is a guide inside us all. A Soul Scripting practice will reconnect you to this often neglected part of yourself. There is no obstacle you cannot overcome when you are tapped directly into the source of your own creative power.

'I truly feel that this is a revolutionary system that Gillian has created. It stands strong as a method and approach that took me on a healing and insightful journey of connection with myself. Gillian herself is a kind, inspiring presence, and I feel she is destined for great things.'
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'I really enjoyed my time with Gill. I feel I am going to learn a lot about myself over the next few months, applying the techniques she has taught me. It's going to change my life!'
Testimonial - Amanda Halstead
The Girl Who Could See Stories Children's Book

The Girl Who Could See Stories, by Gillian Torres and Ilan Sheady, is a picture book parable about the power of plants. 

Sofiel has a special gift. She can see the entire life story of every person, object or animal she looks at. This is what happened when she decided to feed her tummy with happy stories and began to glow with health as a result.