Online Sharing Circle - Open to All

 Thursdays, 7:30pm, via Zoom
 Limited places available
 Booking Required


A sharing circle for anyone, everyone and whatever is on your mind. Share, be witnessed and offer a compassionate ear to others.

This is a held space that offers opportunity to speak and be heard without interruption and without receiving advice. Everyone will have a chance to share but without pressure to do so. It can be a hugely cathartic experience.

Suggested donation £6.

All sessions up until 11th June are now available to book.

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'Gill, you are a revelation! The workshop last night can seriously sit alongside some of the best I've been to around the world.'
Testimonial - Steve Gibson
The Girl Who Could See Stories Children's Book

The Girl Who Could See Stories, by Gillian Torres and Ilan Sheady, is a picture book parable about the power of plants. 

Sofiel has a special gift. She can see the entire life story of every person, object or animal she looks at. This is what happened when she decided to feed her tummy with happy stories and began to glow with health as a result.